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Introduction to XIML

  • XIML: A Universal Language for User Interfaces
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    This paper proposes XIML as a solution to the problem of standardizing the representation of interaction data. The paper describes key challenges facing the software industry in introducing interoperability to the field of user interfaces, and describes how XIML was built to meet those challenges. It also introduces validation samples of the language.
  • XIML: A Common Representation for Interaction Data
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    This paper is an executive summary of the paper above that describes the basic concepts and goals behind XIML. It is accepted for publication at IUI2002: Sixth International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces.

Applications of XIML

  • Multi-Channel, Cross-Platform Development of User Interfaces
    Download (460K, 8 pages)
    This paper describes XIML-based techniques to develop user interfaces for multiple target devices. Published in IUI2001: Fifth International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces, ACM Press, pp. 69-76.
  • User Interface Design for Mobile Devices
    Download (800K, 10 pages)
    This paper discusses user interface design techniques for mobile devices based on XIML. Published in the Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications 2000 (Monterey, CA, 7-8 December 2000), IEEE Press
  • Transforming HTML into XIML
    Download (1.2M, 7 pages)
    This paper details the process of reverse engineering HTML into XIML. Published in IEEE 8th Working Conf. on Reverse Engineering (Stuttgart, 2-5 October 2001). IEEE Press, pp. 241-248.