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XIML Roadmap

There are a number of planned stages that will build and refine XIML into a resource for industry.

Roadmap Stages
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Stage 1. Definition
The original language specification is built through two years of basic research starting in 1999.

Stage 2. Validation
Starting in 2000, a number of experiments are conducted on the language to assess its expressiveness and its feasibility as a universal specification. See the section Basic XIML Documents for highlights of the results of this phase.

Stage 3. Dissemination
Current phase. The XIML Forum launches at the end of 2001 to make the language available to interested parties in academia and industry for research purposes. Additional applications, tests, and language refinements are to be produced and contributed by Forum members.

Stage 4. Adoption
Future phase. The language is used by industry in commercial products.

Stage 5. Standardization
Future phase. A standards body adopts the language under a controlled evolution process.